Crypto trading gets easier with the introduction of Bitcoin scalping

Crypto trading gets easier with the introduction of Bitcoin scalping

February 1, 2021 Off By admin

Bitcoin scalping strategy targets large positions quickly. It’s pretty simple, really; buy into many very cheap major currencies and then sell them all back when you hear the price goes up. The problem is that this strategy rarely, if ever, works, and if it does, it usually only lasts for a day or two. Also, with so many buyers and sellers, you run the market’s risk moving against you as investors start to pull out.

Bitscalp is a better alternative

A compelling strategy I’ve developed using both Zulu and Metamask is called the Bitscalp. The main difference between the bitcoin and other coins like Dash or Monero is that it focuses on price movement in the long term. The long-term value is much more important than price movement quickly. You’re far more likely to make money if you buy low and sell high.

The is essentially an automated trading platform for all major cryptosurfs. Instead of using a broker, which generally charges large fees, you instead use a service such as Metamask, which acts as your broker. This makes it ideal for beginner investors who don’t have access to a traditional brokerage. As you might expect, this also makes it very convenient for everyday traders who don’t want to wait for a commission fee to use their own trading platform. Many traders also use various automated trading robots as part of their overall Cryptocurrency trading strategy.

Trading bots do half the job for traders 

One of these robots is the Zulu Trading Bot. It was created by a team of cryptographers, including Jered Langhofer, Brian Keelan, and Henry L. Dieter. It is the first web-based robot to support the major four currencies etherium, gDash, doge, and bitcoin. Also, it supports two additional minor currencies, etherium, and bitumen. This means that you don’t need to learn about several different coins before you can get started trading.

Unique features 

The bitscalp also has several unique features. For example, it implements the second block idea, called the Dashboard. The Zulu Trading Bot keeps track of the price of every single transaction. It conducts and applies this information to each respective currency’s market cap. Thus, when the value of a particular currency increases, the bitscalp matches the price to the market cap trend. When the market cap increases, so does the value of the Zulu. Therefore, you can profit from the increase in value while not worrying about whether or not the prices of other currencies will increase in relation.

Many traders have come to appreciate the crypto coin trading terminal’s efficiency because it takes away most of the guesswork. When you trade on an exchange like Bitfinex or Cooneyx, you oftentimes make trades based on emotion, or even just based on what looks profitable. However, with this automated trading bot, you can make better decisions based on actual data. By eliminating emotions, you can make better decisions that will ultimately increase your profits and your chances of succeeding with the trade.

One of the key aspects of any profitable Cryptocurrency Strategy is to know the right time to buy, sell, or trade. With the use of the web-based bitscalp Megadroid, you can not only know the right time to buy, sell, or trade, but you can also download web-based software that will tell you when it’s the right time to buy or sell using different indicators such as the RSI indicator. The bitscalp Megadroid’s indicators are all based on the same algorithm, which means no errors. As a result, this software can tell you the right time to buy and sell without error, which greatly increases your odds of success in investing in the Cryptocurrency market. This is especially important in the ever-changing world of Cryptocurrency trading.


In conclusion, it is highly recommended that you look into the many different available indicators in these robots. They work extremely well together and will ensure that you’re making money in ways you never expected possible. If you’re looking for a method attached to your computer to keep up with the market changes, you can use these automated robots. All in all, these robots have made the crypto coin selling process much more comfortable than ever before.